Act for #SDG16Now

Whether you are a civil society organization, state, UN agency, business or philanthropic group the #SDG16Now Campaign presents various options to ensure that the September 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Summit represents a catalyzing moment to realize the development and human rights aspirations enshrined in SDG16+. Explore the below opportunities to advocate, connect and mobilize for transformative commitments and renewed resourcing for SDG16+.

How to #Act4SD16Now: Explore the campaign activities through the three objectives outlined below. Click through each tab based on your organization’s expertise and focus.

Support the Global Day of SDG16+ Action to publicly express your support for accelerated action on SDG16+

Join the SDG Summit Peoples Rally at UN Headquarters

Support the SDG16+ Commitment Conference

Join the call for CSO access and participation at the SDG Summit

Become a #SDG16Now Campaign Champion

Join the #SDG16Now Campaign Community

Join the TAP Network

Sign the global civil society petition calling for accelerated action and resourcing to realize SDG16+

Join a virtual consultation with UN and government stakeholders on advancing SDG16+

Host a national multi-stakeholder consultation on accelerating action on SDG16+

Issue a joint letter to your government on accelerating action on SDG16+

Endorse the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+

Share your advocacy asks around SDG16+

Express your support for SDG16+, civil society and #SDG16Now on social media

Co-host a national consultation with civil society and national government stakeholders calling for renewed commitment on SDG16+

Complete and share the Global SDG16+ Survey

Make a commitment to accelerate action on SDG16+

Showcase your organization’s activities or work in the SDG16+ Campaign Calendar

Share a video showcasing your work for the 2023 Voices of SDG16+ Campaign

Access regular #SDG16Now Campaign updates

Join the TAP Network and the TAP Mobilization and Advocacy Working Group

Add an event